Carpets removed and disposed

Professional and affordable Carpet Disposal services in the UK

Everybody has an old and rolled up piece of floor covering hiding in the attic, kitchen, basement or garage in their house. This is all because people decided to use that carpet again someday but guess what? 90% of the time, that day never comes. If, by chance, you have old and dusty rug stores on your property, then it is recommended to get rid of them finally. At AyiTess, we have a team of professionals who will save your day. We offer professional carpet removal and disposal services to take off the nasty carpeting from your hands. It doesn't matter where your carpet is on the property; whether it is in the office or home, we can remove them for you. However, it is uncommon for us to remove the carpet that is ripped out; if it is not in that state, then our specialists can readily do this for you. We understand that having a new floor will provide you with an exciting feeling. You can rely on us when you want to get rid of your old carpet; we have years of experience and are insured and licensed to collect and dispose of the carpet rugs and other floor covering.