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Property Maintenance

Our exceptional services include cleaning, security, front of house facility management, preventative maintenance, relocations, home and office removal, driver and van only, student move, housekeeping and janitorial facilities services.

Professional property management services in the UK at AyiTess

How can you keep a property properly? When all the parts involved are working efficiently, the question is how you will do it to become the top of managing your business operations within the space. Our take is you don't have to do it when we are here for your support. At AyiTess, we offer facilities and property management services in the UK to handle all these responsibilities. When we are by your side, you don't have to worry about the day-to-day management of the facilities. Our team of professionals are experienced enough to bear all the responsibilities of a tenant or building owner. We understand that timely repair and maintenance are essential to keep your space functioning smoothly. It includes both the interior and exterior of the real estate property, like maintenance of landscape, exterior lights, parking lots and other common areas. It provides sustainability programs for disaster and emergency preparedness. Apart from that, we can efficiently keep your tenant space. We follow a good facilities management strategy; therefore, we try to consider long-term plans when we try to create plans for your office or residential property. So you can consider us for both long or short term facilities and property management needs.
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