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Handyman Services

We are your local handyman specialists, providing trusted services including bathroom tiling, cabinetry & joinery, child proofing, door repair & installation, drywall & plasterboard repairs, exterior painting, fence repairs and installations.

Get trusted handyman services in the UK by AyiTess.

Every person deserves to access efficient, trustworthy and polite professional services. From minor touchups to complete property refurbishment, at AyiTess, we have professionals who will accomplish the job with perfection. We are legally allowed to perform all odd jobs even amid the pandemic. We ensure that the entire technician under our name wears protective gear and takes necessary precautions at the highest level in conformity with the government's measures to prevent further virus outbreaks. Our well-vetted professionals won't ask you about the tools; instead, we will come well equipped with power tools like drills, tall ladders, saws and wrench sets. At AyiTess, we evaluate every handyman's performance based on customer feedback to guarantee the service that is truly valuable for you. If you are busy or have limited time, it's fine with us; we are flexible in appointment times. You can schedule your services on Saturdays, weekends, Sundays or even on government holidays. Save your time by booking our trusted handyman services online.
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